If you have thick eyebrows, they will surely be helping you in enhancing your beauty in many ways. However, there are also many women who struggle to achieve even minimum growth of eyebrows. If you are suffering from similar issue, following the tips offered below will help you in getting the dense eyebrow of your dreams.

First speak to your physician to know whether the lack of growth of your eyebrows is due to any health disorder. Health problems like hormonal imbalances, conditions of the thyroid gland, alopecia and stress often result in loss of hair even from the eyebrows. The doctor may ask you to undergo certain diagnostic procedures for ruling out any such possibilities. If you are diagnosed with any of the above mentioned conditions, the doctor will first treat the underlying condition leading to loss of hair from the eyebrows.
You must get rid of habits like waxing and plucking the eyebrows until you get back the dense eyebrows. According to experts, excessive waxing and plucking often end up damaging hair follicles, which makes the process of hair growth much slower; often hairs even fail to grow due to the damage in the follicles. By avoiding procedures like waxing and plucking for some time, you will allow the follicles to heal, which will increase your chances of getting back healthy eyebrow hairs.
For inducing eyebrow hair growth, you must also consume the right kinds of foods. Take protein rich diet. However, make sure that you are not taking food items rich in vitamins A and B in excess; consumption of excessive quantities of these vitamins is known to trigger loss of hair from the eyebrows.
To induce growth of eyebrow hair, you can apply 5% solution of minoxidil on the eyebrows using cotton swabs. Doing this for 4 months will definitely show great results.

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