Maintaining one’s ideal weight requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and discipline. I’m not talking about weight achieved from starving one’s self through dieting. I’m referring to an ideal weight achieved the right way. Here are 4 simple lifestyle changes that can help one maintain good health.Brown Food
Replace all white food with brown. Use brown sugar for your coffee instead of your usual very sweet white sugar. Muscovado sugar is a good choice. Replace your white bread and pita with whole wheat. The darker the rice, the better. Dark-colored rice still has the bran, that covers the rice, intact so it has more fiber than white rice.

Use Your Feet
Exercise is very important to achieve and maintain an ideal weight. Enrolling in a very expensive membership gym isn’t necessary. Walking up and down a flight of stairs for 30 minutes each day would do.

Not In My Cupboard
Buy junk food and sweet beverages once in a blue moon only. It’s normal to crave. Give in, don’t ignore it, but not to the point of eating a pint of ice cream or 5 bars of chocolates in one sitting.

Vices are Bad
Say NO to smoking and alcohol. If you have these vices, it’s time to finally put a stop to it.

A lifestyle change, no matter how easy it seems to be, would be very difficult to do if one is used to a totally different one. But with hard work, sacrifice and discipline -nothing is impossible.

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