How to maintain slim body:-

In this modern era everybody likes to be slim. Especially the women, but unfortunately they become obese because of sedentary life style, excess consumption of junk food , lack of exercises, mechanical life etc. The obesity has disturbed millions of people entire the world. It is not only making us ugly, but also leading to lot of diseases. Now a day’s obese children are also appearing.

Weight loss and healthy diet:-

1. Plan your diet: – we need to plan our diet as how many times we need to take, food. The eating habit should be practiced at regular interval .the light diet is preferred during, morning.

2. Don’t consume excess carbohydrate and fat diet, such as rice, ghee, butter, cheese, pannier, etc:-the excess carbohydrate stores in the form of fat and leads to obesity.

3. Avoid excess ice-cream eating.

4. Do the regular exercises, such as body free exercises.

5. Jag a mile every day, to keep the health in good condition.

6. Instead of using lift, use staircase:- it becomes an exercise and reduces fat.

7. Shouldn’t go for bed soon after dinner. Walk 200-300 steps after dinner. Give an hour gap between meals and sleep.

8. Avoid much snacks, curries, spicy foods, etc.

9. Eat vegetables and fruits to keep your body as you like.

10. Avoid excess pizza Berger.

11. Excess intake of non vegetarian such as chicken, mutton, pork to be avoided. You need not to stop completely.

12. Alcohol consumption should be in limit. Only a small amount is suggested.

13. if you are not doing any work whole day you need to do compulsory one hour exercise. The exercises such as sit and stand, jumping, skipping, etc.

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