Good Skin Moisturizer is a hard task to find. Skin moisturizer is used to maintain the skin fresh, humidified and living. Skin is very delicated and sensitive. A good skin moisturizer is used to keep the skin fresh in hard weather like winter. Our skin demands vary in different seasons. Oily Skin needs different type of moisturizer and dry skin has its own demands. good skin moisturizerWe should know our skin type and its demands with respect to the changed weather. If you don’t care your skin, it will be dangerous for your health. As skin is the barrier and it protects your body from the external pathogenic environment and keep you safe from different type of infections and diseases.

If you will not use a good Skin moisturizer, your skin become dry and start cracking. The barrier of skin will be damaged and you may be infected by the outer environment. There are number of reasons for the dry skin and a good Skin moisturizer can fix all the problems. Now the the task is how to choose a good skin moisturizer. As you know chemical ingredients used in skin products may cause dry skin. It may be harmful for your skin. While buying a good skin moisturizer from the market, be careful and look at the formulation used in the product. If you find any ingredient your skin is sensitive with, leave and don’t use it.
A very good solution to this problem is to make a good skin moisturizer at home and use the natural ingredients as per your skin demands. Natural ingredients often has no side effects. Moreover making a good skin moisturizer at home is very affordable and you can manage your budget very easily. Here are some home made good skin moisturizer remedies for your help.

Good Skin Moisturizer for Oily Skin. Take a spoon of corn floor and mix 1/4 sandal wood powder in it. Use the mixture for cleansing the oily skin. Now take a glass of fresh water and mix a spoon of vinegar in it, use the solution for skin toning. Now take a potato wash it and cut it into small pieces and paste these small pieces on the face and leave for 15 minutes. This is a very good skin moisturizer for oily skin. For better results keep using this remedy regularly.

Good Skin Moisturizer for dry Skin. Use a good quality soap to wash your skin and use rose water for skin toning. Take a spoon of glycerine and mix some drops of vitamin oil in it and apply on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it.  Use this remedy regularly to keep your dry skin softer and fresh. It is a very excellent tip for a good skin moisturizer for dry skin.


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