Short Term Solutions. There are plenty of ways you can improve the appearance of your cellulite areas temporarily. Although these are good before an upcoming trip to the swimming pool, they don’t offer any long term advantages. All of these methods revolve around the idea that if you improve the blood circulation in the affected area, and reduce the water weight under the skin, then the fat will become a lot less noticeable, and in some cases disappear temporarily. You will need to do this frequently to keep the temporary appearance, but there are much more effective long term methods to use that will hit the underlying problem, rather than covering it up.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Cellulite

Anti Cellulite Creams

The products you can buy at pharmacies and health stores will do two things for you. The first is they will help tighten the skin around the affected area making it more firm and therefore less likely to dimple and bump from the fat trying to push through. Secondly, it helps with aiding the blood circulation in the area. Massaging the cream into your body will help release the trapped fluids often found under the skin which can make those lady lumps look worse.

There is a huge range of creams available online and at the shops. Many of these will contain caffeine which is the component that helps tighten up the skin. These products can get really expensive so only use it as a temporary solution. Many of the large brands of skin care products will have their own anti cellulite creams so do some research and see which one has worked well for the most customers.

Drinking More Water

Staying hydrated is a cheap temporary method for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Being dehydrated causes your skin to dry up, making the cellulite look worse, and on top of that, more water weight is stored between the fat and the skin which can make the areas look a lot more puffy than it needs to be.

Cellulite Massages

You can see the effects of massages on the cellulite areas extremely quickly. It gets the blood rushing through the area and once again, break down the trapped fluids found in the area. To massage the area, place one or two hands on the cellulite and rub or squeeze the area gently moving the muscle (and the fat) around. If you’re not used to massaging, you’ll find that your muscle will be incredibly tense. Do this for a good 5 to 10 minutes each time and you’ll notice the cellulite area looking a lot better with a few minutes. This effect will only last a short time.

 Long Term Solutions

The only real long term solution available to alleviate the appearance of cellulite is to actually reduce the size of the fat deposits that are trying to push through, and at the same time, strengthen up the connective tissues, making them more resistant to the fat deposits and keeping everything in their rightful place. To do this you have to exercise and eat better.


Losing or gaining weight is the difference between having a calorie deficit and having a calorie surplus. Simply speaking, if you put more calories into your body than you burn, then the excess energy will be stored in long term energy storage areas, your fat deposits. Your body does this to preserve energy that can be broken down into usable sugars later on if you happen to not put any food in for a while.

There are two parts to dieting, the actual food, and therefore the amount of calories you put in, and also the eating habits you have. The eating habits you have that could affect the amount of weight you lose (or put on) include the frequency of your meals, or how fast you eat your meals. To maximize the amount of calories you burn and minimize the amount of calories you take in, you’ll want to eat small meals frequently, and eat your meals slowly. This will help you feel fuller for longer, strengthen your digestive system, and burn extra calories through digestion (your metabolism).


As for the exercises you’ll want to incorporate both weight training and cardio workouts. Both of these types of exercises work towards burning fat and getting your heart pumping blood throughout your body better. Weight training has the added benefit of improving those connective tissues between your skin and your fat. Making these tissues tighter will mean the fat deposits are less likely to be able to get through the gaps.

Cardio workouts are the main fat burning exercises. A 5 kilometer run at an average pace will help you shed hundreds of calories right away. The elevated heart rate and breathing rate will also continue to burn off those calories after you’ve finished exercising.

How They Fit Together

The first thing you’ll need to do is work out how many calories you’re currently putting into your body through eating and drinking. Next work out the number of calories burned through your metabolism and your activities. If you subtract the amount of calories your burning from the amount of calories you’re putting into your body, and the number is negative then you will start to lose those fat deposits that you’re so keen to get rid of. If the resulting number is positive, then you’ll either have to reduce your calorie intake further, or do more intensive workouts for a longer time to burn more of those calories.

No matter where the cellulite is present on your body, pretty much the same rules apply if you want to get rid of it. There are dieting pills and surgery you can have to help you get rid of severe cases of too much fat deposits, but in the majority of cases, the best, most effective and healthiest method is getting rid of cellulite naturally through living a healthier lifestyle.

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