I am 23 years old girl. I am getting married in next about 10 days. My last menstrual period was due about 9 days back but I have not had my period till now. Due to my marriage, I am thinking of postponing my periods, is it possible? Postponing the periods is just to ensure that it does not interfere with various marriage ceremonies and travel during that time since my in-laws house will be about 500 km away from my house and I may have to travel 2-3 times (to-and-fro) during this period by night bus. What I want is to postpone the period till at least 15 days after the marriage. Is it possible? And, will it be fully effective? If yes, which medicine or treatment should I take? Will it be too late if I start the medicine now? Will there be any side-effects? I am asking you because I am feeling hesitant to ask a local doctor. If you confirm that it is possible to postpone the period, then I can go and consult the local doctor also. Please keep my name confidential.

Answer (by Dr. Neelam Dhamija): As has been mentioned in your question, that you were expecting your date 9 days back. This means, you had period about 39 days back (if your periods are regular and occur after every 30 days). It appears little doubtful to postpone your date now. If you had come earlier it would have been easier to prepone it. Your marriage is after 10 days so it will not be possible to prepone it now. However, we can try to postpone the periods by giving some hormonal preparations. These hormones have to be taken for as long as you do not want to have the period. Once you stop taking the hormones you may expect bleeding after 4-7 days. Похожее изображениеIf you take such medicines you can feel nausea and vomiting sometimes. So better to take them after food . You need to take such medicines daily and regularly till the day, you have been advised. Please do not forget to take the medicine any one day, otherwise you may start bleeding. Better go to your nearest doctor at the earliest and take her advise.  Anyways, good luck  to you.

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