Expecting is an expanding experience, however a joyous one nonetheless. And for soon to be moms especially the first timers, all the baby questions set aside, when it comes to skin, stretch marks always top the list- keeping them from coming out, that is.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks: What To Do Before You’re Due

So for all the preggy ladies, this one is for you. How to prevent stretch marks, what to do before you’re due.


dietOf course, the minute you found out you were pregnant, you probably already started making healthier choices, and after you’ve gone to your first check up, your doctor most definitely put you on the right nourishing road to make sure that both you and your baby get all the vitamins and nutrients that you both need.

But there are some foods that you can incorporate into your diet that will not only add to your pregnancy glow but improve your skin’s elasticity as well, hence reducing the possibility of stretch marks from forming.

So be sure to get your fill of the following:

  • Foods rich in Vitamin E
  • Foods rich in Vitamin A
  • Foods packed with Antioxidants
  • Food sources of Omega 3

Aside from that, you should always keep hydrated. Much more than just slathering on lotions and potions, which we will get to in a bit, you want to begin from within. You mother was right when she told you to drink 8 glasses of water a day, now that you’re pregnant more than ever.

ExerciseWhat you don’t put in your mouth is just as important as what you do, and how much of it as well. The bun may be in the oven, but “I’m eating for two” is not an excuse. Keep portion control in mind, however, being pregnant and all, of course you deserve a couple cheat days here and there.


Gaining weight gradually is key to preventing stretch marks. So aside from just watching what and how much you eat, you should also take the time to exercise because it also improves circulation which improves your skins elasticity.

Sure, sleeping in and lazing around when you’re pregnant is extremely tempting, but working out is still a must. (after all, just like with food, you are also allotted your cheat days here too!)

You will thank yourself in the delivery room as it makes labor shorter and giving birth easier, and your skin will thank you too later on in life when signs of the whole pregnancy will be non existent (referring to stretch marks, not your child).

Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Walk (This is definitely the best!)
  • Do stretches
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Pilates

You can always consult your doctor for more choices.

Skin Care:

skin careMoisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moisturize stretch mark prone areas when you wake up in the morning. Moisturize after you shower. Moisturize before you go to bed. Prevent stretch marks the royal way without spending a shiny penny, do what Kate Middleton did and go for Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E. You can mix it up with these other choices:

  • Creams containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)
  • Oils (such as almond oil, argan oil, wheatgerm oil)

Whichever one you choose, make sure to really massage it in.

Also, do not scratch that it, no matter how annoying it may get. Instead, get your moisturizer of choice and rub some on to help stop and soothe.

And if you do decide to take a trip to the beach, laze around the pool, or any situation where your baby bump will be exposed, be sure to slater on some sunscreen too.

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