Unfortunately, age and aches just seem to come hand in hand- or in this case, foot by foot.  You see, the older you get, the more they hurt, especially after a long day standing on them.   So when work is done, why not treat your feet, soothe and smooth?

Here are a couple great tips to help relieve your aching soles.

Elevate Your Feet

When you get home from a tiring day, more than just kicking off your shoes, if you really want to relax them, you should elevate your feet.  Remember that walking or even just standing around all day can cause your feet to bloat and swell.

Lifting your feet high enough so that they are above your heart will actually increase the blood circulation to that area, thus reducing the swelling.

It really is simple, you can stack a couple of pillows on the couch or on the bed for you to rest them on while you lie down reading the paper or watching your favorite show.

“1/4 of your bones and muscles are found ankle down.”

Going Barefoot

More on the kicking off your shoes bit, why not actually keeping them off when at home, even just for a while?  Sure they say that walking around barefoot can cause dryness and even worse, calluses, even if it is on a wooden or carpeted floor, but that can easily be combated with lotion.  Trust me when I say the pros outweighs the cons.

Did you know that ¼ of your bones as well as your muscles can be found from your ankles down?  That’s quite a lot for such a small area.  To think that most of the time, your feet are bound (of course, so are all of their muscles), so to speak, by shoes actually leaving your ankles to take over the balancing and whatnot that your feet were originally designed to do.

Point being? It really is simple- take off your shoes, reactive your feet’s muscles, which by the way, a huge plus, also reactivates parts of your brain.

Give Them A Good Soak

Whether you get a bucket for your feet or fill up the tub and let the rest of your body join them, nothing quite beats a good soak.   A warm soak will temporarily relieve the pain and leave your feet feeling relaxed and refreshed.

But if your feet are really swollen, then forget the warm water (and forget jumping in as well) and soak in ice cubes instead.   Do this for about 10-15 minutes.

Clearing Away Corns And Calluses

Unless it’s the food (which is actually a really good source of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients), you want to be clear of corns as well as calluses. To get rid of these nasty patches, here is what you do.

Before the work begins, indulge in a nice soak (the hotter the water, the better- but not to the point of burning your skin!).  This will soften up the skin making it much easier to remove the dead particles.  Get a pumice stone or a callus file and lightly rub the area.  Take your time.  You don’t want to irritate it with rough and rash scrubbing.  When the top layer is good and gone, be sure to follow up with a foot cream.

When it comes to calluses and corns, rule of thumb (rule of toe would actually be more appropriate) is file them down GENTLY, then moisturize them up GENEROUSLY.

Massage Massage Massage

Whether you are going to a pro or if you are gonna do it yourself, giving your tired feet a good old rub will definitely bring the life back to them.  But don’t stop at your ankles.  Massaging your legs will make all the difference.  I mean this in a good way, a very good way.
Prevention is always better than cure.  Remember back when you were a kid, no matter how long you’d run around, you would never have aching feet at the end of the day?  Well, I’m pretty sure that you never wore 5 inch stilettos either.  Fashion is definitely important, but fit and feel take the top spot.Choose Your Shoes
Now, I’m not saying that you should trade in your Jimmy Choos for a pair of Crocs, but they are called “killer” heels for a reason.

They say that the devil is in the details(apparently as does the Devil wear Prada), but no reason to sell your SOLE(s).

No matter how much comfier the latter may be, without doubt, unless you are going on some outdoor activity of sorts, the former will always win.  Just make sure that the pair you wear fits you perfectly- not too tight, not a little loose, but juuuuust right.

When it comes to heels- insoles are in- form arch support to extra cushioning, these babies will definitely be your lifesaver.


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