Patients suffering from chronic hypertension will probably be prescribed either hypertension medications or other measures to help lower their blood pressure. Regular use of blood pressure monitors helps to track the effect the hypertension medications have on the patient’s blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Monitors
Blood pressure monitors are readily available for use at doctor’s offices, health clinics and some drug stores. You can even purchase blood pressure monitors for home use. They are comfortable and easy to use.

Types of MedicationКартинки по запросу blood pressure medication
Hypertension medications come in many forms. You may be prescribed a diuretic to help manage sodium and fluid retention, and possibly medication to reduce your stress level. It all depends on what you and your doctor believe is contributing to your hypertension.

Hypertension Medication
The human body often retains higher levels of salt and water than it needs. Diuretics are sometimes called water pills, because they flush water and salt out through the urine. Diuretics are often the first hypertension medications prescribed.
Anxiety Medication
Stress is often linked to high blood pressure. If you suffer from overwhelming stress, anxiety medication may be prescribed. By calming your emotions, the medication may also help lower your blood pressure.
Alpha Blockers
Alpha-blockers control nerve impulses, allowing blood vessels to relax. This allows blood to flow without encountering as much pressure.
Beta Blockers
Beta blockers target nerves in the heart and blood vessels, making the heart pump at a slower rate. The heart doesn’t have to work as hard, and because the heart doesn’t beat as fast, there is less pressure in the blood vessels.
ACE Inhibitors
This type of hypertension medication blocks the production of a hormone in the kidney that causes blood vessels to contract.
Calcium Channel Blockers
By controlling the amount of calcium in heart muscles, these medications help the heart and blood vessels relax.
Vasodilators relax the muscles around the blood vessels, reducing resistance to blood flow

Having a feel for all the treatment options available can help facilitate an easier discussion between you and your doctor.

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