Introduction: Hypothyroidism is a disorder that is related to the thyroid Glands. The Thyroid is the largest endocrine gland of the body. The other endocrine glands include the adrenal glands, pituitary glands, adrenal glands, parathyroid glands, pancreas, ovaries and testes. The endocrine glands help to control the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is nothing but a sequence of complex processes in which the body converts the oxygen, food and water into energy tissue and waste products. The process of metabolism goes on in almost every cell of the body and is continuous. But what will happen if this gland does not function properly. There can be either over production of thyroid hormone or the under production. The over production is called as the Hyperthyroidism while the underproduction is called as Hypothyroidism.Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Hypothyroidism And Ayurveda"


Diet: There are a number of times when the diseases are related to the diet. It is observed that Goitre, which is a thyroid disorder, is not seen in people who take adequate milk in their food. Also Bengal gram, sugar juice, cucumber, old rice, barley, and milk products are recommended for people who have Goitre. One suffering from goiter must not eat sour and useful herbs.

Herbs: There are a number of herbs that are used as a treatment for Hypothyroidism. The kanchnara Bauhinia variegata that is the purple mountain ebony is used in treating the thyroid. There are a number of other useful herbs like the Jatamansi, Brahmi guggulu and the shilajita. Apart from this one can prepare a fine paste of the vegetable jalakumbhi that is the pistia straticies. When applied over the swollen portion can reduce the pains. The juice obtained from the same vegetable is useful in increasing the percentage of iodine in the body. Also the use of coconut oil in the diet can help the person to get rid of hypothyroidism. There are a number of people who have had positive results of the coconut oil usage in the food. The use of coconut oil not only helps to treat Hypothyroidism but also helps in reducing the weight of the body.

Apart from the herbs the yoga and pranayama help in maintaining the healthy glands of the body. They include the exercises which can literally help in proper working of all the glands and the organs.

Thus like Homeopathy and alopathy, Ayurveda also plays a important role in curing the Hypothyroidism.

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