It took me years to finally admit that coffee made me anxious. The real problem lied in the fact that I had an anxiety disorder already, and the coffee was making it worse. Coffee gets a lot of criticism because of the caffeine you ingest in a single cup. Caffeine is a stimulant and stimulates can actually trigger panic attacks. I’m not saying giving up coffee will stop all anxiety attacks. But I am saying that giving up coffee may reduce the number of panic attacks and the intensity of the panic attacks. My feeling became after several years of panic attacks that I’d do whatever it takes to put a stop to them.Пов’язане зображення

You probably are getting more caffeine in your diet than you even suspect. Caffeine is in all kinds of products including soft drinks, chocolate and non-prescription medications. I admit I was initially disappointed I had to give up caffeine, but eventually it paid off. I sleep better at night and have a lower level of anxiety.

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