BEAUTY is best served cold— and not only in the summer time. This time I’m gonna cover why ICE is oh so NICE for the skin. It is okay to use ice cubes directly, but it is preferred that you wrap it up in a thin clean cloth first…

One COOL Morning Routine

It is okay to use ice cubes directly, but it is preferred that you wrap it up in a thin clean cloth first....A great way to start the day, and to start your morning skin care routine, is with an ice cube or two. Now, I’m not saying that you have to change the beauty regimen that you’ve already got, but merely add one simple step before anything else.

Take an ice cube, it is recommended that you take a thin, clean, cloth and wrap it around the ice once, (because using ice directly on your skin may cause delicate capillaries to break), and then gently rub it all over your face and neck until there is nothing left. Wait a good 5 minutes or so before you proceed to what was once your first morning skincare step.

Why ICE is so NICE For Your Skin

Ice Cube Skin Care: One COOL Beauty Trick

  • No time for make up? No problem. Rubbing an ice cube or two in the morning before you rush out will leave you with a fresh dewy face. Be proud and boast that natural bare faced beauty look! But no matter how late you may be, remember you should always make time for sunscreen.
  • Speaking of sunscreen, in case the good stuff just wasn’t enough, rubbing ice on sunburn gives you instant relief, the same goes for heat rash too!
  • Going back a bit more, speaking of makeup, let’s say that you do have time to apply, did you know that rubbing ice on your face first will make your makeup set better and last longer?
  • Rubbing an ice cube on your face improves blood circulation. This then gives you a natural and healthy gorgeous glow.
  • It also shrinks the size of pores.
  • And tightens your skin too, preventing sag and wrinkles.
  • Rubbing an ice cube on pimples and acne may reduce the redness and swelling.
  • And speaking of swelling, rubbing an ice cube under and around your tired after a long night reduces any unwanted puffiness and may even get rid of it altogether.

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