Working out can do way more for you than just help to sculpt and tone, so if you’re a definite klutz you’re going to love this secret benefit of using a Swiss ball. Being unbalanced is not a curse that you have to live with! Just like any other part of your life, becoming more balanced is something that needs to be worked on and maintained to keep yourself from falling all over the place. The greatest part about working out with a Swiss ball is that you constantly have to learn to balance yourself on it to keep your workout going smoothly.

A quick and simple workout to have you feeling more balanced and workout your core is the Swiss-ball plank. The move is simple: place your elbows on the floor directly under your shoulders with the ball behind you. While on your knees, step your left foot back, making sure to place it on the ball. Taking your right foot, perform the same action so that both of your shins are on the ball with your feet hanging off. Brace your core as you’re going to need it to stay balanced and hold your hands together if you need extra leverage. Hold the position for about 30 seconds, really making sure to engage your core the entire time.

If you’re still feeling a bit unbalanced repeat the Swiss-ball plank for as many times as you need. You’ll have balance and killer abs – what more do you need?!

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