US Brand Name: Inderal
Other Brand Names: Acifol (Mexico)
Adrexan (France)
Angilol (United Kingdom; New Zealand)
Angilol LA (New Zealand)Apo-Propranolol (Canada; New Zealand)
Apsolol (United Kingdom)
Avlocardyl (France)
Becardin (Hong Kong)
Berkolol (United Kingdom; Hong Kong; Ireland)
Betabloc (India)
Beta-Timelets (Bahrain; Cyprus; Egypt; Germany; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Oman; Qatar; Republic of Yemen; Saudi Arabia; Syria; United Arab Emirates)
Blocard (Indonesia)
Blocaryl (Argentina)
Cardinol (New Zealand)
Ciplar (India)
Corbeta (India)
Deralin (Australia; Israel)
Dibudinate (Argentina)
Dociton (Germany)
Duranol (Philippines)
Elbrol (Germany)
Emforal (Thailand)
Farmadral (Indonesia)
Farprolol (Mexico)
Frekven (Denmark)
Frina (Hungary)
Hopranolol (Hong Kong)
Impral (Mexico)
Indicardin (Benin; Burkina Faso; Ethiopia; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Ivory Coast; Kenya; Kuwait; Liberia; Libya Lebanon; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Morocco; Niger; Nigeria; Oman; Qatar; Republic of Yemen; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Sudan; Syria; Tanzania; Tunisia; Uganda; United Arab Emirates; Zambia; Zimbabwe)
Inpanol (Hong Kong)
Noloten (Argentina)
Oposim (Argentina)
Phanerol (Philippines)
Prestoral (Indonesia)
Prolol (Hong Kong; Israel; Thailand)
Prolol Plus (Hong Kong)
Propalong (Argentina)
Propayerst (Argentina)
Propral (Finland)
Reducor (Finland)
Rexigen (South Africa)
Slow Deralin (Israel)
Sumial (Spain)
Tenomal (Greece)
Tensiflex (Argentina)
Waucoton (Greece)
Generic Name: propranolol hydrochloride
Other Forms: intravenous solution, extended-release capsules
FDA Approved Use(s): All sorts of blood-pressure and heart-related stuff. Also migraines and tremors.
Off-Label Uses: Anxieties of all types, dealing with the tremors associated with lithium and antipsychotics.

Dosage: 10-6400mg  divided over one to four doses.  It really depends on what it’s being used for.

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