Walking on the beach is so relaxing and peaceful, when the gush of water touches your feet. It’s more than relaxing experience as it detoxifies our body and leads to a fresh feeling and rejuvenates our mind and body. one can even try this out at home, before sleeping wash your feet and then try going to bed.One can notice the difference. What makes this process so much relaxing? What magic water does when it touches our feet? The answer lies in the process of ion body detoxification. Let’s see what it is all about.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Ion Body Detox"Ion body detoxification’s a process of removal of toxins from our feet which is an external process. In this warm water is taken in a container and feet placed in it. Current is passed through the water which is not felt by us, but breaks the water molecule into positive and negative ion. As we know that our body is magnetic and attracts positive charge, toxins being positively charged are attracted by the negative stream of water flowing between our feet and draws toxins out of the body via skin. The current in the water is provided by ion generator which is placed in the hand or water.

Magnetic property of body attracts toxins which further disturb normal functioning of the body and weakens the immunity. Ion body detoxification is one of the most easiest and relaxing method of body relaxation. The results of detoxification have been found positive. People have shown relief who have been suffering from blood pressure, swollen joints, and joint pains.

Toxins have been integral part of human body since birth. We as an individual can be easily attacked by toxins through water, food and air and their removal from the body become essential for normal and healthy lifestyle for which detoxification is the easiest process. The ion body detoxification has proved to be the most efficient and effective way of removing toxic elements from our body.

This process not only detoxifies body but also maximises the energy level of our body and this can only take place through regular ion body detoxification. Through this method one can get rid of many skin problems also like green-yellow, dark circles around the eye, rashes etc.Detoxification replaces the worn out tissues and cells and help in the removal of toxic substances present in these tissues. While carrying out this process one should take care that they are not diverted from the diet plan. By seeing the positive response of the ion body detoxification method more and more people are going for this technique which will for sure results in healthy world.

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