Over 20 million Americans have asthma – maybe not you, but a loved one or friend. Asthma might be triggered by allergies or constrictive respiratory reactions, but both can pose a life-changing problem. If you think emergency inhalers are the only answer to this serious breathing problem, it will continue to be that way.Most asthma sufferers find that over time, their favorite inhaler isn’t working any more. Or they’ve developed new ailments like skin rashes, food allergies or even more shortness of breath. They want to try something new, but in listening to all the side effects in TV advertisements, they’re afraid.

Картинки по запросу AsthmaSound familiar? If you’re a sufferer, ask yourself this question:
Do you want your lifestyle to adjust to your asthma, or do you want your asthma to adjust to your lifestyle?
There are other solutions in addition to steroidal inhalers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other chemically compounded relief for the symptoms of asthma. There are two reasons I accentuate the word “symptoms”:

– Every health symptom has a deeper cause – they don’t happen by themselves. For instance, dairy foods, soy and heavy starches can thicken mucus. Some people are more susceptible to thicker mucus than others, like sinus and asthma sufferers. Thick mucus can get trapped in our bronchial tubes. This is very bad for asthma. A deficiency in antioxidant vitamins and minerals, or a shortage of essential “fatty acids” in our bodies, can also be responsible for respiratory ailments. Your asthma medicine will never replenish these.
– We must make sure that asthma is the correct diagnosis. Take Barry*, for example. As a child, Barry’s family loved potatoes and ate them almost every day. By bedtime, he would be wheezing and gasping for air. He was diagnosed with asthma, given an inhaler, and told to withdraw from his strenuous athletic activities. When Barry went away to college, he finally realized that he never had breathing problems unless he ate potatoes! Although allergies can indeed trigger real asthma attacks, in Barry’s case it turned out to be strictly an allergy to potatoes. Barry gave up potatoes and was able to resume playing the sports he loved with never another episode.
So how can real asthma sufferers find more relief, and have fun?

Before putting a screeching halt on the lifestyle you love just to avoid the frightening anticipation of another breathing attack, try some of these things:
-Write down what you ate before an attack. You may need to exchange dairy products or some other food for alternatives easily found in health food stores. It might be a sacrifice in restaurants, but in a few months you may notice a real difference.
-Start feeding your body some safe, natural nutrients it obviously isn’t retaining on its own

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