have few cavities in some of my teeth. About a week ago I had gone to my doctor, he filled two cavities in my last visit. After the filling was over, I had no problem, but now I am having pain. I am not been able to sleep also because of pain in my teeth. Please tell me if it is something connected with the filling done during my last visit to the doctor or a new problem but I have pain in the same area where filling was done. I am taking pain killers to get relief from pain but it is effective for few hours only. Can my dentist do filling in more than one teeth in one sitting or I need to go at different time for each filling?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): You need to go for a X-ray in relation to the pain area. In case of remains of cavities inside there are chances of pain. But there are few more instances where there may be pain post filling: The filling procedure not done correctly by the dentist. Cavity left below the filling. fracture in the filling. filling very close to the pulp (nerves) of the tooth. You can get more than one filling in one appointment, preferably one side of one jaw

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