Toddlers making a mess with their food may look adorable in pictures, but that is not something amusing when you are the one to tidy up later on! Routine bibs do can be found in convenient to keep some parts of the fussy eater’s body clean, but cleaning the bib is to be done, also. In addition to that, the fabric bibs begin to smell after a while, which is no less horrifying than the mess children can create!

This is where a waterproof, stain-resistant, non-smelling and versatile bib comes in convenient. Lambie & Me, a national brand name liked for its reasonable products for children, has split the code to minimize the mess, and optimize the enjoyable of mealtime. The Just Yellow Food Catcher Pocket Child Bib sticks out the crowd with its extra resilient product, which is scratch-free, water-resistant and non-smelling. Additionally, the bibs include a little pocket attached, which is created to catch all the spills your young child can make! The premium product and finishing of the product assist the bib to remain in its perfect shape, even if you turn it a hundred times!

So, why parents would enjoy this bib? The response would be, why not? The food catcher infant bib is virtually everything parents wish for while feeding their kids! It is soft and easy-to-clean; it can be cleaned by hand with water, in the dishwasher, or simply by wiping it out with a wet rag. It is that simple! The bib is light-weight and therefore highly mobile too. One can just roll it and put it anywhere, makings it a pretty cool and convenient travel buddy for the fussy kids. The bright yellow color and the necklace-like neckline need to suffice to have it in the cart, already!

The food pocket bib is made from FDA-approved TPE-material, and is 100 % BPA-free. The product will last as long as the infant will need bibs. Infants can be instructed to catch and eat the dry food snacks from the pocket, which enables them more fun-time with food. Children enjoy to have fun with their food, and if they are valued, they will grow fond of mealtime, instead of pressing the plates away. Lambie & Me develops their products after seeking advice from genuine parents, and all of them have actually liked the Just Yellow Food Catcher Pocket Child Bib for its ultra benefit, and comfort.

More about this Lambie & Me product

Unbelievable New Creation Keeps Infants & Toddlers Cleaner During Mealtime! Make Mealtime Pleased Once more! – Soft elastic, silicone-genre product is simple to clean!

– Form-fitted spill catcher tray makes dinner time less chaotic

– Made for youngster, nevertheless Developed for you! We know mealtime could be untidy. Spills get on the floor, their garments, and in their hair. Thus, we developed a delicate elastic, silicone-sort infant bib complete with a sustenance catcher, or dry treat server for kids. The product is water resistant and hassle-free to clean-simply wipe & go. Likewise they are structured to fit on your infant’s body for much better benefit.

– Characteristics & Benefits – Cutting-edge. A story mix of reasonable yet difficult delicate elastic product with a vivid, unisex color for a really long time (3-36 months).

– Comfort. Delicate, beaded jewelry-like neckline adapts to the body and is an ideal fit around their little neck.

– Adjustable. Solid neck conclusion keeps kid apron secure and may be stabilized for solace as infant develops.

– Easy Clean. Wipe clean with soaked fabric and/or put in your dishwasher (top rack just).

– Considerate. bib length intended for no obstruction with high seat tray or table and easily go up for travel and capacity.

– Eco-Friendly. BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free; and transported with least bundling.

The Lambie & Me brand name is focused around dependably developing products that address even the tiniest of specific vexations, on the premises that we know its the seemingly irrelevant concerns that have the best result. As folks ourselves, we attempted many distinctive sorts of napkins and had to sign up with together solace for the infant with basic usage for mother and dad. Total with a Lifetime Assurance and No-Hassle Money-Back Assurance!

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