You were looking at some snapshots today and noticed something. You noticed that your teeth look much whiter in the pictures than they do now. You have the same teeth thank goodness. You brush twice a day. You do everything you are supposed to do, but apparently it isn’t enough. Looking closer in the mirror, you find that there’s general yellowing along the gum line. Your teeth have a general gray appearance from a distance. Your teeth used to be so perfect. It’s time to do something about this situation. The perfect solution just might be laser tooth whitening.

Picture Perfect

The first step to take towards reclaiming your white teeth is to make an appointment with your dentist. Laser tooth whitening is a professional in-office procedure. It is a simple procedure but can produce brilliant results.

  • Teeth are cleaned
  • Dental plaque is removed
  • Peroxide gel is applied to the teeth
  • Laser light is applied to the gel
  • Gel and light steps are repeated 3 times in total

Laser tooth whitening can restore your picture perfect teeth. The process is usually completed in an hour and with one visit. If there is deep staining, it may take another whitening session to eliminate the discoloration. Deep staining of the teeth sometimes occurs due to the effects of medication. Laser tooth whitening can remove the stain.

The gel the dentist uses is the key to the whitening process. The gel is hydrogen peroxide based bleach. The laser light activates the gel. During the laser tooth whitening procedure, the laser is used on a few teeth at a time. The actual time the laser is on each tooth is approximately 15 seconds. Total exposure to the laser by each tooth is no more than 4 minutes. This alleviates any concerns about possible heat affects on the tooth. The dentist is very careful to insure that your gums are not injured during the procedure.

Black and White

It’s been a long time since pictures were only available in black and white. Yet, white teeth are what you want to show in your pictures. There are advantages to the laser tooth whitening procedure that will restore those white teeth in your color pictures.

  • Procedure usually only takes one visit
  • Color change will be very noticeable
  • Whitening normally completed in one hour
  • Because one visit is adequate, exposure to bleaching agents is minimal making it a great procedure for people with sensitive teeth

The dentist goes to extraordinary measures to insure there is no sensitive tissue exposure to the whitening agent. Usually a dental dam is used which protects the gums, tongue, lips and cheek areas. The procedure is safe and extremely effective. There are other whitening treatments available, including at-home treatments, but laser tooth whitening is the simplest and least time consuming procedure. At-home whitening processes can take up to two weeks, in comparison to one hour at the dentist. The other major difference is the professional whitening process costs more than the at home process. But to get white teeth quickly, there is no better choice than the laser tooth whitening procedure.

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