Hair falling & baldness  are most common problem in men and women. They seek  hair falling and baldness  treatment . Hair transplant, cosmetic surgeries and lot of  other ways are  under consideration. Potential risk and benefits are weighed. Most of them use hair falling & baldness home remedies and tips to fix their problems. These hair falling & baldness home remedies are very useful and result orienting.Картинки по запросу Hair falling

Here are some home remedies to share for those who are seeking solutions for their hair problems other than the medicine & surgeries.

Hair Falling & Baldness Tip # 1. Mix six to eight drops of lemon in an egg. mix them well. Do light massage of your head with this solution. Then after one to two hours wash your head with some good herbal shampoo. This hair falling & baldness tip will bring shining and strengthening your hairs.

Hair Falling & Baldness Tip # 2 Always use light shampoo and use conditioner twice in a week. Mix amla and shikakai powder in yogurt. It’s a very good conditioner, use it.

Hair Falling & Baldness Tip # 3 Boil henna leaves in mustard oil and cool it. Apply it in your hairs. It’s a very useful tip to grow hairs long. This hair beauty tip will strengthen you hair.

Hair Falling & Baldness Tip # 4 Drink ten to twelve glass of water daily and use vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Hair Falling & Baldness Tip # 5 Dip lemon peels in water all the night. Wash your hairs with this water. It will bring shining in your hairs.

Hair Falling & Baldness Tip # 6 Apply lemon juice or vinegar in your hairs. Leave it for an hour. Then wash your head. It will bring brightness and shining in your hairs.

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