Benefits of laugh:-

Do you know the importance of laugh? If we laugh we will be happy. It keeps us charming. here are some beneifts of laugh and ways to be happy.

* As soon as you wake up from the bed see the mirror and smile at you.

* try to meet the people with smile.

* Our greet or wishes should make others happy.

* The body immune system is fully activated when you laugh.

* If you are suffering from a disease or sickness, try to be happy, and you will get 50% relief from your laugh itself.

* If we make others happy, we will be happy.

* We won’t get happiness by hurting others, for ever.

* Laugh makes you to do work actively.

* We can attract the people by smiling.

* smile is the first step to success.

* don’t laugh by teasing others.

* Your smile should not be dramatic.

* don’t get tense for the small things itself.

* Every problem has its own resolution.

* don’t be afraid of critical situations. Because the situations are created by us only.

* try to love the people. Then you will be happy.

* We need to enjoy the small things also. We won’t get big moment always.

* play makes us to be happy for some time.

* spend the leisure with children to be happy.

* Smile is the indication of well health.

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