I am 25 years old, having cervical spondylosis and that I am pregnant. My neck and shoulder muscles feel very weak and fatigued. My neck becomes stiff many times. Please tell me what should be my life style to prevent any  further damage and how will my pregnancy going to affect this condition  as I am not able to carry even the smallest weight for a long time. What is my treatment? Answer (by Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal): Although cervical spondylosis is the disease of old age. In young age, it occurs due to wrong posture while sitting and sleeping causing pain, stiffness due to straightening of cervical spine. You should use cervical pillow and comfortable bed during sleep. Картинки по запросу cervical spondylosisDuring sitting, use comfortable chair with soft back support, soft sitting cushion and arm support. Avoid forward bending of neck and back for long time, heavy weight lifting and sitting on the ground. It does not affect pregnancy directly but you will cause difficulty in performing daily house-hold activities due to pain stiffness in neck and shoulder. Heat therapy and gentle exercises of neck and shoulder may be performed daily twice in a day. Take diet rich in calcium like milk and its product with vitamin D supplements. Consult orthopedician for further advice.

* Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal is a Senior Consultant and Orthopedics Surgeon with 30 years of experience, having his own clinic in Rohini in Delhi, India.

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