If you will travel so far by planes, trains, buses, or cars, you should pay attention to the food you eat. As quoted Antaranews.com, some types of these foods are the kind of food that will disrupt your trip, as it may cause bloating or nausea.


Foods containing cheese may be very tempting to be consumed. However, the cheese releases out of gas then makes it difficult to be digested by stomach. It makes your stomach become uncomfortable stomach when you are on the way because it is quite full.

Junk food

Burgers and other junk foods are easily consumed and quite simple to cook. However, these foods are also difficult to digest. Although the price is cheap and filling, but it may cause problems in the stomach and of course make your body weight increases.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated beverages or soft drinks can refresh your body, but it causes bloating, stomach problems, and makes you being bad breath.

Chewing gum

If you want to consume sweets, chewing gum should be avoided during long trips. When you chew gum, more air will enter through the mouth, causing bloating in the abdomen.

Spicy food

Spicy food is favored by many people, but it is too heavy for your stomach. Spicy foods can cause heartburn during long trips and this would be disturbing.

Eat snacks that are not too spicy. Flour-based foods such as noodles and pasta are also avoided. These list of food are difficult to digest, causing full flavors and bloating in the abdomen.

Article Source : DuniaFitnes.Com

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