To lose stomach fat for wedding related reasons, there is one thing that can be both your best friend or your worst enemy: time. The longer the time before the wedding day, the more likely it is you will meet your weight loss goals. If time is of the essence, you may not be able to lose the amount of stomach fat you desire in a realistic fashion. In either case, there are steps you can take to lose weight for wedding related reasons.

If you have sufficient lead time before the big day, you should consider setting a weight loss goal and then calculating the least amount of work you must do to reach it. For most men and women, the loss of two pounds per week is the maximum healthy weight loss one can incur.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Stomach Fat"You must burn 3,500 calories in order to lose one pound of body fat, no matter if it is around the stomach or elsewhere. If you have eight weeks before the wedding, and you must lose five pounds, you only need to calculate how to lose around 2,000 calories per week. You can accomplish this by eliminating 200 calories from your daily diet and burning at least 600 calories through exercise each week. Compared to most “lose stomach fat fast” programs, this is a painless feat.

If you have fewer than three to four weeks before the wedding and you desire to lose more than five pounds, your goal is probably not a realistic one. Instead, you might consider losing one or two pounds and doing your best to be happy with your appearance. If you’re a bridesmaid, and the dress you’re given to wear is of a darker tone, you will probably look slimmer in the dress than you might suspect. Remember, you’re there to support the bride and groom, not to fuss over every wedding photo where you are not the star of the show.

Weddings are meant to be joyous affairs to celebrate a new stage in life. If you are the bride, it is understandable that you wish to shed stomach fat for wedding pictures and to ensure everyone remembers you as radiant and beautiful. Give yourself the time it takes to pursue a true weight loss regime, and you will meet see your stomach melt away. This will make you just that much more confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

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