Two most important circulatory fluids in our body are blood and lymph. After digestion and the work of the cells, waste material moves away from the cells of the body and is carried away by the blood and the lymph. Lymph is same as blood but doesn’t contain red blood cells. The intestinal fluid bathes all the cells in the body which consists of materials from the stream of blood with substances passed out of the cells.

The proper functioning of lymphatic system is must as it carries out all the waste toxins out from the body cells. It is the colon through which the mucous matter from the lymph is moved out from the body. The walls of the colon are surrounded by small lymph vessels which merge into large number of vessels that drain into cistern chyli (is the origin of the thoracic duct)

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "lymph detox"Lymphatic detoxification is an effective way of cleansing the mucous. Tissues are made up of cells and all the tissues are bathed in blood, and the blood for this is supplied by the intestines. If the intestine are not clean, the blood for sure will be dirty and so the organs and tissues. The first and foremost care has to be taken of intestines and then only effective healing will be possible as the food gets digested around those parts and if digestion is not proper then system also won’t function.

The junk food that we eat and its quality determine how polluted our system is and moreover the air we inhale is full of pollutants. Our body has become the store house of chemicals or breeding house of toxins. The intestinal tissue is not clean, blood is not clean and the tissues and cells are also affected by it. The detoxification which has to be carried out by our body is not up to the mark. Metabolism of the body is disturbed. The toxins are bombarded within inside and outside.

Industrial chemicals dumped into sewage and ground water gets affected, chemicals discharged into surface water, chemical pollutants are released into environment, air pollution via vehicles and industrial chimneys. These external toxins are entered in our body via air we breathe and food we eat. Therefore it becomes inevitable for our body to eliminate these toxins out of our body before they attack any sensitive part of our body. Our body is designed to fight with toxins but due to overload present in our body it becomes difficult for body to perform all these functions alone.

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