Malaria is an Italian word which is composed of two words “Mala” which means bad and “Aria” means air. The  word “Malaria” means bad air. The word malaria is used by an Italian scientist by the first time in the history named Dr. Francisco. Malaria is parasitic disease which is caused by a female mosquito bite called Anopheles. When the female mosquito get pregnant, her nutritional requirements increase and she starts biting human and sucks blood to fulfill the increased nutritional requirements. Through this process a parasite called “Plasmodium” is entered in human body and resides in the liver.

Plasmodium is multiplied to a certain number in the liver then it starts joining the blood stream. It mainly harms human red blood cells. As red blood cells carries oxygen to different parts of body, if malaria is not treated on time it is very dangerous for patients and it may leads to death. Cerebral Malaria is the condition when shortage of red blood cells in the body attains its peak level and central nervous system is affected and patients turn into coma (unconsciousness).Картинки по запросу Malaria

Every year almost half of world population be the victim of malaria and a greater number lead to death. Malaria is not the disease of poor countries, it is found in the developed countries. International travelers cause shifting malaria from one country to another. Malarial patients are found every where in the world. Malaria is a global disease.
Signs & Symptoms of Malaria:    
The following signs and symptoms may appear during malaria.
(1) Cold sensation & shiveringКартинки по запросу Malaria
(2) Headache
(3) Sweating
(4) Fatigue
(5) Nausea
(6) Vomiting

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