Mango is a very delicious fruit. There are lot of species of mangoes in the world. Mangoes are very beneficial for health. Mangoes are gift of God for human beings. Mangoes have number of  benefits in health. Mangoes strengthens heart and reduce the risk of Heart attacks. Mangoes improve vision. Mangoes improve immune system in human. Mangoes prevent some kind of  Cancers. Besides these benefits mangoes have a lot of other benefits in human health.  Regular use of mangoes keep you fresh and improve your skin.Похожее изображение

For pregnant women at least one mango is recommended daily to fulfill their nutritional requirement and prevent the risk of abortion.
(1) 107 calories
(2) One gram Protein
(3) 28 gram carbohydrates
(4) 0.5 gram fats
(5) Three gram fiber
(6) Three gram sodium
(7) 12 % vitamin E for daily use
(8) 17% vitamin B6 for daily use
Mango Benefits: 

  • Mangoes contain the source of mood pleasing hormones.
  • Eating mangoes regularly improve face complexions and skin become fresh.
  • Ash of mango leaves heal the burn skin.
  • Pregnant women  must eat a mango daily. It not only reduces the risk of abortion but fulfills the nutritional requirements.
  • Mangoes are beneficial for sex, it regulate the sex hormones which are helpful in driving the sex.
  • Mangoes are beneficial in memory improvement specially in children who lack concentration in studies.

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