Spanish researchers have established a link between marijuana use and the onset of psychosis at a younger age. The study looked at those who needed inpatient care for a first psychotic episode and found that the event came about 10 years earlier for marijuana users than it did for those who abstained from taking the drug. The association cannot be explained by chance, and is independent of gender or the use of any other drugs, according to the report.

“The clinical importance of the finding is quite high,” said Dr. Ana Gonzalez -Pinto, one of the study’s co-authors. Since Gonzalez-Pinto’s quote was either translated from Spanish or given in her second language, we’re going to assume she didn’t immediately follow her stoner pun with a goofy chuckle and then rehash, “Get it — quite high.” Of course, we’ve long been keeping track of the effects of marijuana, including psychosis and, everyone’s favorite, man-boobs.

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