While there’s no instruction manual out there for a happy marriage, there are a few things “secrets” that happily married couples seem to share. If you want a successful, happy, long-lasting marriage, read through these 20 tips that happily-married couples say they live by:marriage-certificate

  1. DO compliment more than you criticize. For each criticism, compliment your partner three times.
  2. DON’T assume. Always talk or get the facts. Making assumptions always leads to trouble.
  3. DO remember that it is ok to do things differently and that there is more than one way of doing things.
  4. DON’T use the words “always” or “never” in a fight.
  5. DO forget that communication is the key!
  6. DON’T forget that communication is the key!
  7. DO make sure that you’re fair to one another! Split the housework, spending money, etc. evenly. That way you never resent one another.
  8. DON’T skip date night. Make sure that you make time for just the two of you.
  9. DO remember that you’ll fight in your marriage. It’s how you do it that matters though.
  10. DON’T go to bed angry. Unless it’s 3a.m. and you’re exhausted, angry, and not thinking straight. In that case it may be better to sleep on it.
  11. DO agree to disagree sometimes.
  12. DON’T air your dirty laundry as a couple in public.
  13. DO respect one another! Remember to respect one another’s privacy as well.
  14. DON’T mention the “D” word when fighting (divorce). Once you go down that path, it’s hard to go back. Instead always remember that it’s a fight, not the end of your relationship.
  15. DO hug, kiss, and hold hands every day.
  16. DON’T pass up the opportunity to say “I Love You”. You can never say it too often.
  17. DO remember that it’s the little things that matter most.
  18. DON’T forget that love isn’t always a feeling, it’s a decision. Always remember why you fell in love and got married in the first place.
  19. DO be each other’s champion. No matter what, take your husband or wife’s side first!
  20. DON’T keep secrets from one another. Honestly is always the best policy.

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