Rotator cuffs are muscles located in and around our scapula. We need these muscles to rotate and lift the arms; these muscles also play a vital role in stabilizing our shoulders. Pain in the rotator cuffs can be treated most effectively using massage therapy. Below we have discussed the techniques used while massaging the rotator cuffs:

The first technique used for massaging the rotator cuffs is compression. Majority of the massage therapist will begin Treating rotator cuff injuriesthe rotator cuff massage using simple compressions. These strokes can also be tried at home. Your massage therapist will apply pressure on your affected muscles using his hands’ heels. This process of compression will be repeated for several times. Compression helps in improving blood circulation and loosening up all underlying muscles.
Next, the therapist will begin performing a deep massage technique called friction. This technique should not be practiced at home and a certified and trained massage therapist is the best person to apply this mode of massage. Friction gets applied onto a small area containing muscles; this massage technique involves back and forth motions. A friction massage helps in breaking up all adhesions and thus promotes faster tissue healing. If you experience pain during friction massage, inform the therapist immediately.
Compression techniques for rotator cuff injuries Friction techniques for rotator cuff injuries

The next most effective techniques used for healing an injury to the rotator cuffs are range of motions and ice massage. During an ice massage, a cold pack or an ice cube will be moved over the injured body part; this will help in decreasing the swelling of the region. Range of motions, on the other hand, involves moving the limbs normally, which also breaks up the adhesions and the tight spots in your rotator cuffs.
Shiatsu is one of the most practiced eastern massage techniques. This style of massage focuses on maintaining energetic balance within our body. Any injury, according to theories of shiatsu, is a blockage in the flow of energy. A shiatsu for healing rotator cough injury treats the pressure points around our scapula in order to normalize the energy flow in this region and rid the patient from the discomforts related to the rotator cuff injury.

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