In the early days when medical science was not that developed as it is now and knowledge about different diseases was limited, doctors were not divided into different categories to treat different diseases. In the current era of development medical science is at its peak. medical doctorsNew researches are being performed to control different types of diseases. New molecules have been researched to treat patients. Now there are variety of ways to treat the same disease. Now it is difficult for a doctor to keep update about all diseases. Therefore for the benefit of the patients doctors have been divided into different specialties. They are experts in treating particular diseases. Some specialties are here in the following.
Pediatrician :  Doctors who deal with child diseases. They are also called child specialist.medical doctors
Pediatric Surgeon :
   Doctors who deal with child surgery. They are also called child surgeon.
Neonatologist  :   Doctors who deal with infant (new born) diseases or complications up to six weeks.
Gynecologist :  Doctors who deal with females reproductive system diseases or complications.
Embryologist :   Doctors who deal with complications of  fetus during pregnancy.
medical doctorsUltrasonologist:  Doctors who deal with ultrasonography or ultrasounds reports.
Ophthalmologist :  Doctors who deal with eye diseases and their surgeries.
Otolaryngologist :  Doctors who deal with ears, nose and throat diseases and surgeries. They are also called ENT specialists.
Neurologist :  Doctors who deal with neuronal diseases. Those who deal with neuronal surgeries are called Neuro-Surgeons and those who deal neuronal disorders with medicines are called Neuro Physicians.
Dermatologist :   Doctors who deal with Skin problems and diseases.
medical doctorsGastroenterologist :  Doctors who deal with the diseases  and disorder of digestive system.
Pulmonologist  :  Doctors who deal with lungs diseases and disorders. They are also called chest specialist.
Nephrologist :  Doctors who deal with kidney diseases and disorders.
Psychiatrist :  Doctors who deal with mental disorders and diseases with medicines.
Psychologist:  They aren’t medical doctors but they treat mental disorders through speech therapy.
Oncologist :  Doctors who deal with different type of cancers.
Hematologist:  Doctors who deal with blood and blood system diseases.
Rheomatologist:  Doctors who deal with bone joint disorders and diseases.
Urologist:   Doctors who deal with the diseases and disorders of urinary.

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