When a woman reaches to her maturity bleeding starts from her vaginal passage that is called mensuration. It comes every month in a healthy woman. Some times women have to face problems in it. These problems may be due to many reasons like hormonal changes, psychic problems, tension and poor diet intake. Many women experience severe pain during their menses period.  Painful periods are medically termed as dysmenorrhea which is literally means difficult menstruation. There are lot of ways to treat dysmenorrhea. Many useful remedies are available to give relief in dysmenorrhea.

Tip No.1:
menses pain treatmenthalf cup                                   carom juice
half cup                                   carrot juice

mix both the juices and drink. It is very useful in painful cycles. It gives relief in menses pain.
Tip No. 2: 
If you are anemic means you have shortage of blood in your body, you may experience pain during menses and may come cross with different complications. Take two spoons sesame seeds and boil them in water. Then cool it and take this water two times a day. Your menstrual problems will be solved.
Tip No.3:
menses pain treatmentBananas are very useful in menses. Women who experience backache or stomach pain during menses must take bananas during menses period. It is very useful.
Take bananas leaves and bake them in oil and mix them in curd. Pain will be completely disappeared.

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