Ayurvedic practitioners have been recommending the use of turmeric for treating joint pains for more than five thousand years. The roots of turmeric plants are known to possess maximum healing properties. In the modern era, several medical studies have also found evidences supporting the fact that the turmeric root is filled with healing properties. According to a recent clinical study, curcumin, an active ingredient present in turmeric roots is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. This active compound of turmeric makes it an effective remedy for join swelling and pain. Below, we have discussed some methods of using turmeric for joint pain:

You can consume turmeric suTurmeric for joint painpplements orally for getting relief from joint pains. According to medical experts turmeric supplements in powder form are more effective that capsules prepared from the extracts of the herb. This is because there are many turmeric capsules that contain other ingredients than inhibit the actual healing effect of turmeric. If available, opt for consuming turmeric in organic form.
People living in the South Asian countries and the Middle East use turmeric as a cooking spice. Adding turmeric to food items regularly will help you in preventing joint pains successfully. Our body can absorb turmeric more easily when the herb is combined with other culinary ingredients like pineapple, ginger and black pepper.
Topical application of turmeric is also practiced in the Indian subcontinent for getting rid of joint aches. A person experiencing severe arthritis pain can prepare a paste of turmeric by blending turmeric and coconut oil together and applying it on the ailing joints. The herb should not be mixed with water while preparing the paste as it is not soluble in water. Once the skin soaks up the paste, it can be removed easily using a mild soap and water.

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