What is your Personality? Unsure? Take this quiz and find out!

  • When something goes wrong, do you…?a) Get quiet
    b) Scream, yell, or cry
    c) Ask why?
    d) Fight
  • When you’re working on a group project, do you…?a) Follow the leader
    b) Make your opinions known
    c) Collect the data
    d) Take charge
  • When you’re at a party, do you…?a) Have fun
    b) Make others laugh and have fun
    c) Wish you were at home
    d) Shake your booty in the middle of the floor
  • When making a purchase, do you…?a) Get persuaded easily
    b) Ask a salesperson to help you and get their opinion
    c) Research and compare
    d) Know what you want
  • When waiting at the doctor’s office and it’s been 30 minutes after your appointment time, do you…?a) Just wait
    b) Make a fuss
    c) Ask how much longer
    d) Get angry and reschedule
  • When at a restaurant and a group who had been seated after you and is served before you, do you…?a) Comment ” That looks good”
    b) Sigh loudly and complain to your tablemates
    c) Look at your watch
    d) Complain to your waiter
  • In your home, do you…?a) Like comfortable furnishings
    b) Decorate depending on the season
    c) Have everything in order and neat
    d) Have bold, accent pieces
  • After the first date and your date says “I’ll call you” do you…?a) Wait for them to call
    b) Call your date to talk about how the date went
    c) Wonder if your date will call, or if you should make the move and call
    d) Call your date the next day
  • Your ideal first date would be…?a) Dinner and a movie
    b) Go to Putt-Putt Golf
    c) Attend a play and then dinner
    d) Have the date all planned out
  • What section of the paper do you read first?a) Comics
    b) Financial
    c) Entertainment
    d) Front page


Mostly A’s
Your personality type is Amiable. You like to go with the flow and is easy-going and laid-back. It takes a lot to get you angered and you are easy to please.

Mostly B’s
Your personality type is Expressive. You’re not afraid to show your feelings and like to be heard and seen. You like to be around people and like to know everybody’s business.

Mostly C’s
Your personality type is Analytical. You like facts and data.You okay being with family and friends but you would rather be by yourself.

Mostly D’s
Your personality type is Driver. You like to be in charge and get your way. You like things done as quickly as possible with minimun fuss. When talking with others, you like to get right to the point.

Important Note: Just remember, everyone does not fit into just one category. You may have a dominant personality with other minor ones. Depending on what the exact situation is or whom you are with, other personality types may come out to be dominant. This is what makes each of us unique.

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