When using an MRI brainscan, it is possible to see through the skull and get a clear picture of a person’s brains and its close soft tissue structures. MRI has been used for scientific and medical purposes for years and that is because of the refined pictures that can be taken by using these highly specialized machines. MRIs are often used to diagnose and examine the progress of certain health conditions such as meningitis, strokes, and Alzheimer’s and brain tumors.

What makes an MRI safe and effective is that it is not like the usual x-ray that puts out ionizing radiation which can be harmful. However, for those who wear pacemakers, have implants or insulin pumps, they should not use an MRI.

Another feature that makes an MRI effective and attractive is its accuracy when diagnosing a patient. Undergoing an MRI procedure gives most doctors better and more effective detection when searching for abnormalities. In other words, it is much more accurate than other diagnostic tools.

When an MRI is used, all parts of a person’s body can be studied and MRI images are not affected by bones. It is also important to note that doctors are able to get three dimensional images when using computers by combining a series of two-dimensional images taken by the MRI.

MRI brain scan are quite effective when diagnosing conditions that affect the nervous and brain system such as dementia, brain tumours, strokes and multiple sclerosis.

There is also a kind of MRI –an MRA—that is used to study blood vessels. It can be used to study aneurysms and narrowing of one’s arteries that supply blood to such organs as to the legs or to the kidneys.

MRIs are also used to find out how far cancers have spread to other organs such as with prostate cancer or cancer of the uterus. An MRI can also be used to see if cancer has spread to other more distant sites such as lymph nodes.

A functional MRI is rather new and is used to examine and study the brain. This kind of MRI takes many scans; often one per second and track the movement of one’s blood going through the brain. This special kind of MRI is also used to help surgeons as they begin to plan complex brain surgery.

An MRI brainscan is a marvellous tool that can be used to diagnose and help prevent the spread of certain serious brain health conditions.

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