Mysoline (primidone) is an old miscellaneous anticonvulsant about which we have no clue. Some people may be getting prescriptions for it because they are probably running out of horsies on the med-go-round, or it’s for tremors caused by other meds and they may as well get some mood stabilization effects instead of just getting a beta blocker.Mysoline eventually converts to phenobarbital, and as such is highly addictive, more so than most anticonvulsants. This shouldn’t be a problem at low doses, but if you get up to the standard dose there’s no way you’re stopping this med without medical supervision. Initial temporary side effects are vertigo and ataxia (extreme lack of coordination). No odds are given on any other potential side effects, which include nausea, acne and the usual suspects. Mysoline is titrated from 100 to 125 mg at bedtime to 750 mg a day divided into three doses over the course of ten days. The extreme maximum dose for nasty epilepsy is 2,000 mg a day. No half-life data are given. Athena.

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