Two of the most effective natural ingredients for wound healing are sugar and honey. Below we have discussed the process of wound healing using sugar and honey.

How to treat wounds using sugar?
Step 1: Unfold a piece of gauze and apply a coat of petroleum jelly onto it. Now, drape the gauze around your wound. Remember, the gauze should encircle your wound forming a doughnut like shape.

Step 2: NowUsing sugar for healing wounds take enough sugar for covering the wound and apply it directly on the wound. The sugar must form a layer of ¼ inch. The gauze encircling your would be playing the role of a barrier and ensure that the sugar does not fall out.

Step 3: Take a sterile wound sponge and place it over the wound. Finally, bandage the region carefully. The bandage must be close fitting; however, it should not be too tight.

Step 4: Change this dressing daily or on alternate days. Irrigate your wound carefully using hydrogen peroxide or a saline solution every time you open the bandage for changing the dressing.

How to treat wounds using honey?
Step 1: Unfold a piece of gauze and steep it Using honey for healing woundsinto a bowl filled with honey. Remove the gauze from the honey once it has absorbed enough of it. If you find that the gauze is failing to soak the honey, you can add a few drops of water to it for diluting the honey.

Step 2: Next, drape the wound using the gauze soaked in honey. Make sure that the affected part of your body is entirely covered.

Step 3: Now, cover the gauze with sterile wound sponge and bandage your wound securely. The bandage must not be too tight or too loose.

Step 4: This dressing should also be changed once in every 1 or 2 days.

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