Symptoms of Crohn’s disease vary from individual to individual. For some, symptoms are so mild that treatment isn’t even necessary. For persons with severe Crohn’s disease, however, treatment makes life bearable.Because no cure is currently available for Crohn’s disease, treatment focuses on improving quality of life, inducing and maintaining remission, and minimizing the negative side effects of treatment. Current methods of treatment are various combinations of anti-inflammatory drugs, medications to suppress the immune system, antibiotics, medications that directly address symptoms, nutritional supplements, and surgery.

The Value of Research

Thanks to continuing research and Crohn’s disease clinical trials, new drugs are available that have proven more effective, while older drugs are being considered for new uses, and drugs used to treat other conditions are being evaluated for their application to Crohn’s.

In addition to studying treatment methods, research on bowel disorders examines the causes of this condition. Recent study has confirmed that regions on certain chromosomes are associated with Crohn’s, indicating that the disease has a genetic basis. Knowing that the disease is at least in part caused by genetics means that a cure may some day be available.Похожее изображение

Why Get Involved In a Crohn’s Disease Clinical Trial?

One of the most common motives for participating in a Crohn’s disease clinical trial is gaining access to new treatments. Of course, the possibility of being in a group using a placebo may appear to be of little immediate benefit. However, the advice from experts on effectively managing your symptoms can be invaluable. As to other motives: knowing that you’re helping others and contributing actively to the research is high on the list.

Never has there been more hope, or more opportunity to develop better treatment methods, study the causes, and potentially discover a cure. This site provides access to a number of trials. Registration does not oblige you to proceed, but it will enable you to find out about the options.

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