For those of you who have pondered the question of happiness, let us fill you in on a little secret: boys are happier than girls. According to the latest WHO report titled, “Growing Up Unequal”, it seems that teenage boys are the happier sex. The study on gender differences was conducted via survey on 200,000 pre-teens and teens. The ages of the boys and girls included in the survey were 11, 13, 15, and included 44 different countries through Europe and North America. The survey was conducted between September 2013 and ended around June 2014. The findings from the survey were not positive for many girls in the puberty bound age group.

It seems that girls reported lower well-being in comparison to boys in the same age groups. The countries with girls recording lower health and well-being levels happened to be Britain, France, and Poland. It seems that these countries harbor girls with poor health and a highly dissatisfactory idea of their bodies. The study also discovered that being a female was a better predictor at a poor body image when compared to people with a higher BMI and family weight issues – not a positive prospect for our females. The authors of the study concluded that the poor body image found among females was a result of the weight gained during puberty. While many boys are becoming more muscular and taller, females are gaining the necessary weight for their bodies to hit and go through puberty.

It seems that we as a society need to do more to help the self-esteem of our females in the world.

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