There are different ways to be of service to people. Some would opt for the more traditional way of participating in volunteer work and helping others. I, on the other hand, have opted for something that would also help me learn intellectually. For such, I have opted to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the STATE THE NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY. As a young child, I have always believed that I could make a difference. In my own way, I would be able to share with the world my talents and my services especially to those who were in need.

I find a sense of fulfillment every time I help someone. Through my little deeds, I am able to touch the hearts and lives of others. Originally, I am from STATE NAME OF COUNTRY. It is in STATE NAME OF COLLEGE/INSTITUTION where I learned the importance of service to others. At a young age, I was opened to the many difficulties that life had to offer. Instead of being disheartened, I used this feeling to help me reach my goals. I studied harder than the usual, and made sure that I honed my skills through hard work and dedication to succeed in this chosen career.

I know that the field of Nursing has always been attributed to women. However, I believe that the fast and changing world has allowed other fields to be opened to the male population. The existence of male nurses has been proven for quite some time now, but still struggle to fit in. As known to many, there were male nurses in the past who have difficulty trying to work with their nursing peers. I guess this would not come as a surprise for many, and instead has resulted to having only a few nurses in the said profession. As part of the male domination, I also want to make a difference.

I would use this opportunity to prove that male nurses could also help alleviate the health conditions of society. in our own little way, I would be able to help people who are in need and make a difference in this world. I know that patients would prefer to have women as their nurses, for they may seem to know more about the profession. However, I want to prove that their discriminations formed against male nurses is wrong. Man’s touch is different from those of the women; however that does not mean that we do not have the capacity to be patient-oriented.

In my own little way, I know that I could touch the lives of many and help make a difference in this world. I know that the demand for nurses increases as time passes by. Given such, I want to take the opportunity to start off the change deemed from our society. Our world is evolving fast, and change is often required. However, I also want to prove to the world that male nurses can also succeed in this lifetime. Like any other individual, I am a hard worker, and I make sure that I complete all of the requirements deemed from me by peers and superiors.

In addition to this, I make sure that I do each procedure correctly, without trying to compromise the health and condition of the patients. When given the opportunity, I would prefer to become known as a male nurse. In my own little way, I would be able to create my own set of policies geared towards the upheaval of health in society. I also believe that my hopes and dreams in life do not end after graduation. Instead, I would use the knowledge and rigorous training I have acquired from school to convince more men to enter the field.

We are in a fast and changing world, and having more men enter the profession would come as an advantage. Furthermore, breaking barriers would also serve as a good inspiration for people not just in the medical field, but in the other fields as well. Men who experience difficulties in the nursing profession would soon be opened to a world of equality and possibilities. I want to be one of those men who stood the test of time and difficulties in order to fulfill our goals and dreams in life. Life is too short to waste – and I know that someday I would be able to inspire other men to leave their comfort zone and break barriers.

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