Have you ever heard of the oil cleansing method? This is sort of like a substitute for your traditional soap and water to wash your face but at the same time it also acts as great moisturizer and an amazing make up remover.

This DIY facial oil cleanser will clean your skin and leave it super soft and supple, plus what is really great is that you only need three ingredients, one of which is even optional!

It’s super simple to make, pretty light on the pocket, and is really, really effective.

Interested? Well, check out the ingredients and instructions below.

What You Need:

  • Castor Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil (optional)

What To Do:

All you really have to do is to mix the ingredients together in a clean, dry, spray bottle. If you dont have one, a regular bottle or jar will do. What is great is that you customize it based on your skin type. Let’s just focus on the 2 essential ingredients, Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • For normal skin: 2:4, 1 part Castor Oil for every 4 parts Olive Oil
  • For oily skin: 3:1, 3 parts Castor Oil for every 1 part Olive Oil
  • For dry skin: 1:3, 1 part Castor Oil for every 3 parts Olive Oil

Done, you have your homemade oil cleanser ready to use.

How To Apply:

Spray your dry face rather generously with your homemade oil cleanser.  Again, if you don’t have a spray bottle, put a few drops on your palm and work with that. Massage it into your skin gently in a circular motion. Make sure that you finish with a sweeping up motion rather than going down. This supposedly helps prevent wrinkles and sag. For the next step, you will need a clean, hot wash cloth/ face towel. Place it over your entire face and let it steam your pores. Leave it for about 3-5 minutes. Some people even leave it for 10 or so because it is rather relaxing.

Wipe clean with the same wash cloth then pat dry. Done. This is really great to do after a long day right before you hop into bed.

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