Question: Some of my teeth are missing as the dentist removed them, as they were completely decayed. I am not able to eat food properly. What option do I have? Can I use dentures? What is the material used for making dentures as I am allergic to plastic. Is it comfortable to wear dentures. What are good quality dentures? How much expenses I will have to bear? Please tell me any other option other than dentures.

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): After teeth removal there is requirement to replace them for the functional, aesthetic needs. There are removable prosthesis and fixed prosthesis. The removal once are dentures and fixed once are either non tooth Coloured  or tooth Coloured. Dentures are made of acrylic and not plastic. Some people are comfortable wearing dentures some are not. There are various quality of dentures available, depends on your pocket. The best one nowadays are flexible dentures. Flexible  dentures are more retentive and stronger than the non flexible ones. Flexible dentures are pretty expensive, but worth it. Preferably you should go for fixed ones if possible. In fixed prosthesis you can go for bridge (where the tooth to replace is supported by caps around neighbouring teeth) or you can go for implants (where the teeth stand independent in the jaw without harming other neighbouring teeth). Implants are supposed to be the man made or called third dentition, after natural teeth (milk teeth, permanent teeth).

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