There was a time when pains and aches were considered to be normal, if you suffered from illnesses like osteoporosis. This is not the case anymore. Now, you can lead a significantly painless life and learn some essential skills with the help of a unique therapy known as physical therapy.What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis can be the worst nightmare especially for older people. This disease leads to the decrease in the bone density and the bone mass making the bones very delicate and fragile. This also increase manifold the risks of getting fractures and other injuries.

Physical therapy and osteoporosis:

The primary focus of the physical therapist varies with each individual suffering from osteoporoses. However, physical therapy is an important part of all treatments associated with this frightening disease. A typical physical therapy session begins first with a complete evaluation of the abilities and limitations of the individual. Once the therapist understands the range of abilities of the patient, he or she can work out a personal plan of action for the patient.Похожее изображение Then with each passing session, the therapist will try to improve the posture, balance, gait, flexibility, body functioning and mobility of the individual. It is however important to note that the therapist cannot cure osteoporosis or repair the damages already occurred due to it. The focus is primarily on improving the functioning of the individual within the framework of his limitations. Another approach of this therapy is also to help the patients fight pain and improve the stamina and control of the individual. The types of exercises that are given to the patients suffering from osteoporosis again vary from one patient to another, for example, unlike an osteoporosis patients suffering from fractures, the one who is free from fractures can be given exercises like stretching, resistance training and cardio vascular exercises. Special equipments can be used for treating these patients like resistance balls, walkers, cycles etc.

The prognosis:

The prognosis for patients suffering from osteoporosis and getting the benefit of physical therapy is very bright and good. Physical therapy can increase the strength and vitality of the patients and most importantly it can also help improve the confidence of the individuals. It can also improve the activity level and sometimes can prevent future deterioration.

Thus. The overall rate of success of physical therapy in terms of improving the condition of osteoporosis patients is very encouraging.

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