Coccidioidomycosis, also known as the valley fever, is a fungal infection that affects the lungs. It is an outcome of the infestation of fungal species known by the name Coccidioides. This kind of organism is found in extremely dirty places and is capable of surviving in all the extreme weather conditions like cold, drought, heat and more. These organisms gain an entry through the spores that infuse into the environmental air. This kind of fungus is mainly found in certain regions of United States of America like Mexico, South America and Central America. These areas offer the perfect weather conditions that encourage the growth and multiplication of this species.

The fungal spores ofCoccidioidomycosis this species get mixed into the air by digging, ripples of strong breeze, whilst construction and more. People who deal with construction or digging of the soil like farmers, archeologists, builders, military personnel are most prone to breathing-in the fungal spores that cause this condition. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to prevent the occurrence of this infection. However, certain precautionary measures like wearing masks in order to reduce one’s direct exposure to the spores can protect the respiratory tracts from the invasion and attack of this fungus.

Once you have already developed Coccidioidomycosis, the doctor will provide you certain guidelines. Most cases of this fungal infection subside automatically after a few days without any treatment. Your doctor will tell you to take adequate rest as it is known to be most effective Coccidioidomycosis remedy. It has been seen that even if the Coccidioidomycosis has developed severe signs, proper bed rest and consumption of adequate amount of fluid have helped him to recover from the disease. However, if these natural remedies fail to cure the infection, the physician might prescribe antifungal medications like itraconazole or fluconazole.

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