Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis : causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis:-

Inflammation of Lung, due to hypersensitivity to dust or pollen inhalation is called as Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. Hypersensitivity reaction is because of body’s resistance fights against foreign body such as pollen, dust, fungus etc. Sudden hypersensitivity within 12 to 18 hours of exposure to dust or foreign material is called Acute hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. Continue reading “Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis : causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment” »

Blood cells in urine : causes and urine test

Blood cells in urine:-

RBC cells measured in urine are called blood in urine. Blood in the urine is a common complaint of patients with urinary tract disorders. Medical term used to blood in urea is Hematuria. Blood in urine is not a problem but some times it indicates serious problem in urinary tract. If blood is found in urine for more than three times, it should be examined by physician to confirm any urinary tract disorder. Continue reading “Blood cells in urine : causes and urine test” »

Fiber diet weight loss, use Fiber diet for weight loss

Fiber diet:-

Fiber diet weight loss article describes how fiber diet helps in weight loss. Dietary fiber is the fiber present in the diet. Fibers are the indigestible plant sourced materials. The fiber present in the food is known as dietary fiber. Fiber is mainly present in fruits, vegetables, and grains. Most of the food fiber are indigestible by human intestine. Continue reading “Fiber diet weight loss, use Fiber diet for weight loss” »

Kwashiorkar : causes, symptoms, treatment


Kwashiorkar is a malnutrition  type with number of nutritional factors. Kwashiorkar is mainly caused due to  insufficient protein intake. Individual consumes good calories but less protein leads to Kwashiorkar. Kwashiorkar commonly occurs in older children and adults. Meaning of term Kwashiorkar is the disease of the displaced child. Kwashiorkar is a protein malnutrition disorder caused because of less protein intake. Continue reading “Kwashiorkar : causes, symptoms, treatment” »