My son was returning from school. He met with an accident, the wheel of  an empty camel cart climbed over his thighs but by the grace of god he got up on his own and walked towards me. But he is having pain in his collar bone area. Please tell me any tests to be done to be sure if he has suffered fracture on any damage because of climbing of cart wheel or this accident. What will be done if there is fracture of collar bone? Please explain the treatment.

Answer (by Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal): The collar bone or clavicle is a curved bone that connects shoulder to the front of chest wall. The cause of injury can be direct blow to the shoulder or by falling with the outstretched hand.

Картинки по запросу Pain in collar boneThe symptoms of injury are acute pain to shoulder causing problems to lift the arm. To diagnose the injury and rule out the possibility of fracture X ray is advised. Then according to the findings the line of treatment can be the following mentioned points after consultation with the orthopedician-

Support of arm/ shoulder with sling.

Ice therapy

Clavicle strap

Analgesic medications

Diet rich in calcium like milk and its products.

Calcium and vitamin D supplement

Follow up with orthopedician for 4-6 weeks. Also you are advised to go for X ray of affected thigh to rule out injury/ fracture.

* Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal is a Senior Consultant and Orthopedics Surgeon with 30 years of experience, having his own clinic in Rohini in Delhi, India.

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