I have pain near my right wisdom tooth, it hurts badly when the food goes over it while eating or chewing. Please suggest me as to, why is it paining? What should I do? Is it necessary to remove it? Is it possible that my tooth is removed and I do not feel pain?Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): The position of wisdom tooth makes it more vulnerable to overall health of the tooth. Since it’s the last tooth, the brushing becomes difficult at this area. If brushing does not happen properly it will lead to decay of the food and debris left on the tooth, which will lead to infection and pain in the area. Похожее изображениеTreatment of the tooth depends on its position if the tooth is totally erupted, maintenance is possible using small toothbrush. But If the tooth is partially erupted the treatment possible is either gum surgery in which the gum over the partially erupted tooth is removed and made into a more cleansable area. Sometimes this surgery fails and the gum grows back. Then the treatment left is surgical extraction. As this involves surgery there are chances of pain but this pain can be controlled by taking medicine.

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