By ph we mean potential for hydrogen. It is logarithmic scale which helps in measuring the relative acidity and alkalinity of a solution. The scale varies from 0 to 14. 0 is completely acidic and 14 is completely basic. Neutral is 7. Proper diet is an important part of being healthy. We eat lot of junk food which leads to accumulation of various toxins in our body. The refuse that have been accumulated in the body from the, food we eat and the toxins from environment like processed food, household chemicals and pollution and refined foods have to removed first to correct the ph (acid-alkaline)imbalance. These toxins in the body generate acid which causes low energy and pain in body and various other health problems. Detoxification helps in cleansing the body and act as a natural healer.

Various food habits of leads to formation acid in our body like consumption of sugar, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, white flour, soda, coffee, hard drinks. Acidic body is the perfect ground for bacteria breeding, fungi and yeast. This leads to delay in functioning of body metabolism and cellular activity and even leads to thinning of bones and muscle weakness, , problem of ageing. Ph balancing body detoxification can help to slow down the process of crumbling

The favouring detox are those that combat acidic impurities via:

– BloodРезультат пошуку зображень за запитом "Ph Balancing"
– Skin
– Colon
– Lungs
– Liver
– Lymphatic system
– Kidney

The colon should be cleansed first. The first preference is given to colon because it becomes difficult for body to remove toxic substance from organs and tissues. The body’s first defensive system for toxic substance is colon. The whole body suffers if the colon is toxic.

There are various method through which detoxification can be done like:

– Intake of vitamins
– Special diet or as prescribed by doctors
– Exercise
– Sauna therapy
– Hydrotherapy

The acid waste which is not eliminated get reabsorbed via colon and gets into liver and again into circulation and finally gets accumulated in the tissues. Therefore regular cleansing is important and one should always eat healthy foods to keep body’s Ph level balanced.

A well balanced diet is must to be in a state of good health. The quantity and quality of food intake is very important which is taught in schools from beginning. The acid in the body is not good for health, it is not safe to skip breakfast as the stomach release acid for breaking the food and in the viscinity of food the lining of stomach gets affected by acid leading to ulcers

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