Research shows that physical fitness for older adults begins with exercise. For many people growing older means life getting, A small amount of physical activity in a sedentary lifestyle can result in better health. Aged adults are at higher risk of health problems that only being active can prevent. Physical activities not only keep you fit but also help you fight hazardous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems and so on. And when it comes to our overall fitness no one wants to take a chance.

Boost Your Physical Fitness By Burning Calories.

Good and healthy habits coupled with some simple exercises can do wonders for the health of older adults. Stress, low energy level, excess fat and lack of appetite can create havoc. Hence physical fitness for older people is essential.Картинки по запросу Fitness For Older Adults

Strength training is required by older adults to keep their bone density and muscle mass. Exercises can be helpful in preventing bone and muscle loss, chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, maintaining your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease and arthritis. Exercises not only keep you physically fit but also have an optimistic effect on your mind by relieving depression, stress and rejuvenating your spirit.

Some Tips to Enhance Physical Fitness For Older Adults:

Easy burnout techniques

* Walking is the simplest and safest way to gain stamina and physical fitness, as walking 1 hour per day burns around 700 calories.

* If you are strong, try out more intense physical activity such as bicycling or jogging.

* Make your heart healthy by doing stamina exercises which, help to increase your heart rate by 70% .

* Swimming, gardening or small household work can easily be included in your fitness regime.

Physical Fitness for Older Adults: Live Well in Your Old Age:

An important mantra to stay fit and active in old age is to beat stress and live happily. 8 hours of sleep builds your stamina and revitalizes you. Those suffering from insomnia should try to be more consistent and active in daily activities. When having “trouble sleeping”, never take a sedative or a tranquillizer.

Get Healthy By Bed Time in Six Simple Steps

o Drink a large glass of water when you wake up and before going to bed.

o Eat fruits and green salads with every meal

o Eat proteins (meat, fish, pulses, dairy) at breakfast and lunch for all-day energy.

o Sleep on your left side – this aids stomach emptying and alleviates gastric problems.

* Follow these guidelines for proper physical fitness for older adults.

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