Physical therapy has expanded favorably due to the better understanding of this form of treatment and also because of the advance in technology. Thus, it is now possible to bring improvement in the condition of patients suffering from many illnesses including scoliosis.What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a somewhat rare condition in which, the spine gets deformed due to rotational curvature and complex lateral. This disorder can affect people in all age groups including children, youngsters, adults and old people. Sometimes, scoliosis can also occur due to spinal muscular atrophy or cerebral palsy. Pain is very uncommon in childhood but can occur in adulthood in the absence of treatment. This condition can cause significant distress and some need surgery to get the problem fixed. Physical therapy can however help in all stages of scoliosis with good results.Картинки по запросу Physical Therapy For Scoliosis

The assistance of physical therapy:

Previously, many believed that physical or exercise therapy is ineffective for scoliosis. However, today the perspective has changed owning largely due to the fact that many have seen for themselves the improvement in their condition and the relief in symptoms of scoliosis due to physical therapy. The type of physical therapy you will need depends primarily on the severity of the problem. A physical therapist will initially therefore evaluate your condition for formulating a workable plan. Next, a personal exercise workout program can be arranged for you twice or thrice a week depending on the need of the patient. Some common forms of exercises include stretching exercises, bending exercises, strength training exercises and more. The primary goals of a physical therapist with regards to scoliosis are to reduce the pain, build strength, improve flexibility, and improving the posture.

Physical therapy for treating spinal problems can also be either active or passive. Active therapy can includes the use of above-mentioned exercises, while passive therapy can include massage, joint mobilization, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and more. Physical therapy for scoliosis is usually intensive, though the form of treatment and its duration depends on the specific need of the patients. Physical therapy for scoliosis takes place in sessions. The goals and plans for each session vary from one to the other depending on the progress of the patient. Usually, you will require assistance of occupational therapist and your physicians along with physical therapy for bringing about an improvement in the condition.

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